20+ Free Starry Background Textures

In this showcase I’ve gathered 5 free starry background textures pack and all texture packs are free to download. You can use these textures for creating a star field background, creating a space scene, may be used it for adding stars on sky and moreover you can use it your projects for adding a dreamy feeling. All texture packs contains more than 6 starry background images that means you’ll be getting around 30 to 32 textures. Here you go :

10 Large and Colourful Starry Background Texture

This pack contains 10 large and colourful starry background textures and you can use it on creating a space and galaxy atmosphere. You can also add some stars to this pack all you need to is just add the noise on a new layer (fill it with black color) and then add a Gaussian Blur filter with 1 px value and then simply increase the contrast using a Levels adjustment layer. You can also create a starry sky wallpaper with lots of shining stars.


6 Free Star Background Texture

These star background textures are created by Jenny Le and contains 6 textures. You can use these texture into your photo manipulation project to create something dreamy and colourful. Don’t forget to check the example that how to use these texture when you download this pack.


5 HD Space Texture

This texture packs contains 5 space texture in higher resolution. Perfectly suited for creating a outer space scene with a beautiful star field background. You can add the light glow to these images by painting lights on them as well as you can change the color using adjustment layers. Download them today and create a outer galaxy scene.


7 Free Starry Night Texture

These are the simple starry night textures and you can use them very easily. Just set the blend mode to Screen and you’ll have the night stars in the background. Don’t forget to experiment with other blend modes and try to play around with opacity as well.


4 Star Background Texture Pack

Starry Background texture pack with different colors and higher resolution. Don’t forget to add some clouds effect to this pack when you use it using Clouds filter.



I hope you enjoyed the showcase and found some cool star background textures. If you found them useful then don’t forget to spread into the world. Have a great head!!


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