20 Excellent Concept Art Tutorials

Concept art is an illustration and it convey the idea for films, video games, animation, comic books or any other media before making a final product. Creating unique concept art is challenging task for every concept artist and it does take a lot of hard work to create a masterpiece that peoples have never seen before. Today, I’ve gathered 20 excellent concept art tutorials for learning concept art as well as for improving your skills.

These tutorials will teach you how to paint characters, mood concepts, matte paintings, fantasy and sci-fi concept art. All tutorial can be followed by beginners as well and so what are you waiting for.

Let’s dive right in!!

Create a Fantasy Moody Concept in Photoshop

This tutorial will show how to create a moody and atmospheric concept quickly. The tutorial starts from painting a basic color sketch, then add shapes to the scene using brushes and finally finish it up by painting the trees.


Painting creatures from Folklore

This tutorial will show you how to create goblin character concept art using Photoshop. You’ll learn about how to paint a character from start to end, set up the basic composition, create the light effect and finally add some more details to the character.


Concept Art Tutorial : Painting Environment

This step by step tutorial will show how to paint an environment concept. Starting from creating a silhouette, then adding color and texture and finally giving a finishing touch by adding more details.


Create a Sci-Fi Concept Art

With this tutorial, you’ll learn how to create a Sci-fi concept art. You’ll learn how to use stocks with correct perspectives, painting over the 3D render and then texturing in Photoshop.

This tutorial has two parts and you can watch the part 2 here


Painting Environments Concept in No Time

This tutorial will show how to use the thumbnailing technique to quickly paint an environment concept art. First, you’ll learn how to paint quick thumbnails for the main composition and then achieve the final composition in just 40 minutes.


Concept Art Tutorial : Journey Begins

Create realistic visual effect with this tutorial as well as learn how to add details quickly, learn more about lighting and this tutorial also include a free PSD file.


Creating digital concept art

In this tutorial visual development designer, Jason Scheier, will show you the creating process of his projects for animated films.


Learn to paint fantasy landscapes

This tutorial will show you how to paint fantasy landscape. You’ll learn how to set up a basic composition by blocking in a rough color sketch and then gradually refine the shapes and details to create the final composition.


Mood Concept Tutorial

In this tutorial, Sebastian Gromann will show you how he creates mood concepts. First, he will tell about the briefing like the goal of the concept and then choose references. Then he goes into the composition sketch to use the shapes and textures properly. Finally, you’ll learn how to stack all the concepts and quickly explore the different ideas.


Abandoned City Matte Painting Tutorial

This tutorial will show how you can create matte painting concepts for movies, video game, and studio with Didier Koning.


Using 3D in Concept Art

This tutorial will show you how to use 3D models in concept art.
You’ll learn how to use 3D renders or models by importing them in Photoshop.


How to create a striking landscape concept

Create striking landscape concept quickly and learn more about composition, environment, mood and much more.


Create steampunk concept art

This tutorial will show how to create steampunk concept art and follow the tutorial and find out how you can do it.



In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to paint a landscape and you’ll also learn how to paint the grass, foliage, and trees.

Making of Postapo City

Learn how to create urban concept art ‘Postapo City’. You’ll start from using silhouette approach, then get into more deeply by adding details.


Making of City’s Heart

Paint a sci-fi environment with this tutorial. Learn about gathering references, adding value, using brushes and much more to learn from this tutorial.


Designing a Narrative Mood Concept


3D Concept Art Workflow


Making Of: Demolition Mech


Concept design workflow



Thanks for reading this showcase and I hope you’ve found many great tutorials to learn more about concept art. If you really like the tutorial then do share them with the world.


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