A Collection of Free Gotham Font for Designers

Fonts are one of the important aspects of design and they are widely used by the font and design nerds. Every font is different and has a unique style which help us to make our designing projects successful and beautiful.

Gotham Font is widely used by the designers and font nerds. It’s the family of geometric sans-serif digital typefaces and if you are a font geek, then you should be looking for it. Trawling internet for this font is a daunting task, but don’t worry, I have done this job for you. In this collection, I have collected all types of Gotham Fonts and you can download these fonts for free there is no need to purchase.

The font comes with two types Open Type font file and True type font file. You can use these fonts for your design projects, but it is recommended to check the license for the terms. Let’s dive into the showcase!!

Let’s dive into the showcase!!

The bundles include following fonts and much more:

  • Gotham Black- .TTF
  • Gotham Black Italic- .TTF and .OTF
  • Gotham Bold- .TTF and .OTF
  • Gotham Book- .OTF
  • Gotham Extra Light – .OTF and .TTF
  • Gotham Extra Light Italic – .OTF
  • Gotham Extra Narrow Light – .OTF
  • Gotham Light – .OTF and .TTF
  • Gotham Medium – .OTF
  • Gotham Light Italic – .OTF and .TTF
  • Gotham Narrow Book – .OTF
  • Gotham Narrow Book Thin – .OTF
  • Gotham Rounded Medium – .OTF
  • Gotham ULTRA – .TTF
  • Gotham Book Italic – .TTF and .OTF

Gotham Bold Regular


Gotham Book Font Download


Gotham Light Font Download


Gotham-Light web font


Gotham Font Bundles

Please Note: If you want to directly download the font bundle then just click on the download button. Otherwise, you can click on the name of the bundle to visit the source website.

Gotham Bundle 1


This is the bundle of Gotham fonts and it’s the complete set of Gotham font family. But some styles are not available in the .TTF format like Gotham bold, black, medium, book but many available in the .OTF format.

What’s inside the bundle:

  • Font: Gotham
  • Styles: All Styles from thin to ultra
  • Format: OTF and TTF
  • Size: 4MB


Gotham Bundle 2


This is another bundle, but it has those styles in .OTF format which is not available in the first bundle. Don’t worry, it has many weights in .TTF as well. The bundle has a similar font to Gotham like Proxima nova or Montserrat font which you can download it.

What’s inside the bundle:

  • Font: Gotham
  • Styles: All Styles from thin to ultra
  • Format: OTF and TTF
  • Size: 1MB



That’s it for the showcase and I hope you found the post useful. If you like the showcase, then do share it into the world. Just press the social media icon on the screen. If you have any thoughts, then do let me know through the comments.



  1. Hello there, I checked these fonts but they don’t seem to contain the extended alphabets such as Greek. Do you know where I could find these? Thanks.

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