The Shooter Photoshop Tutorial

Step 19

As we all know that rain doesn’t usually fall in perfect lines because of the wind. To get the randomness for rain, duplicate the rain layer including the Curves adjustment layer.

But this time we’ll change the Motion Blur settings to create randomness for rain. Double click on the duplicated rain layer’s filter and alter the Motion Blur values to generate randomness for rain. You can see I slightly changed the Angle and Distance.




Step 20

Here you can clearly see the results with 200% zoom and we got randomness for the rain.


Water Splash Effect

Step 21

Now we’ll add rain drops to the shooter as it’s raining heavily (on the scene). Place the water splash 1 image to the main document and place it on the model shoulder.


Set the blending mode to Screen.


Step 22

Add a mask to water splash 1 layer by clicking on the second icon at the bottom of layer panel. Mask the unwanted edges using a soft round brush and blend the water splash nicely with the shoulder.


Step 23

You can also use the Levels adjustment layer to further control the light of the water splash 1 layer. Like I did for this layer.


Step 24

Add the water splash 2 image to left shoulder with blend mode changed to Screen and place it as shown below.


I used the layer mask to get rid of the unwanted details. I used Hue/Saturation adjustment layer to reduce the saturation as well.


Step 26

Similarly, I used the Levels adjustment layer to control the contrast of water splash layer 2.


Step 27

I duplicated the water splash layer’s several times to add more rain drops to model. You can see how I did it and placed the water splashes around the model’s body.


Step 28

I painted some more rain drops using 1 pixels white brush.


Step 29

We’ve done with everything except the model. We created realistic rain but model’s body doesn’t look wet. We need to fix this. Merge all layers into single layer by pressing CTRL + ALT + SHIFT + E. Go to Filter > Filter Gallery > Base Relief and give the following values:


Change the blend mode to Overlay and reduce the opacity to 51%.


Step 30

On the layer mask of the merged filter layer, mask all the effect except on the model as I only want to keep the effect on the model.


Final Results:



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