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Hi. I am Bunty Pundir


I started using Photoshop in 2013 and before this, I had no idea what is Photoshop. Earlier, my opinion about Photoshop is just that it is only used by studios to make people images brighten, cropping and getting the images print captured by the camera. Then I started to dig more in Photoshop through my friend, he gave me some tutorial videos showing the effects, manipulation, and sort of stuff the beginner usually see.

I started searching on Google and Youtube for more on this and as a beginner, it was so difficult to use Photoshop. But as the time flies, I got a great grip on this software. I wrote my first tutorials for PS tutorials and then I totally get started on it. Then I found PSD fan and wrote some tutorials there as well.

You can read my other published tutorials on PSDFan and on PS Tutorials as well.

In the end of 2015, I started this blog as a hobby and then I found that this is the thing I really like to do. Currently, we have over hundred tutorials covering all topics. Our website is doing great and people also finding the stuff useful.

If you’d like connect with me then you can follow me on Behance and on Deviantart as well.

You can also contact me directly at my email address [email protected] or you can also contact me using contact form as well.