Add styles and coloring to your images in no time. We have 10 Color Toning Photoshop actions that will do all the hassle for you. These actions will add a variety of coloring effects to your images and you can even edit the effect if you want it as all the layers are visible in the layer panel.

You can run these actions in just one click and tweak them to perfection very easily. You can add a retro, classy film, cinematic coloring, movie color grading, sepia, vintage, black/white, and gritty look with these actions.

See the images below to take a look at the preview of each action below:

#1 Bright & Airy:

#2 Vintage Coloring:

#3 Cinematic Color Toning with Protected Skin Tones:

#4 Creative Coloring with Artistic Colors:

#5 Bright & Sunny:

#6 Sepia Toning:

#7 Black/White Faded:

#8 Movie Coloring:

#9 Gritty Coloring:

#10 Film Coloring:

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