Interview with Digital Artist Ahmed Emad Eldin

Ahmed Emad Eldin is a digital artist based in Egypt. Eldin has been an artist since the age of 13, stating that he is “self-taught and learned from YouTube and many other websites”. He came to prominence as the designer of the sleeve of Pink Floyd’s 2014 album The Endless River. Let us get to know about this amazingly talented artist through his interview. Read on and enjoy!

Hi Ahmed! Great to have you here!

For those who don’t know, could you tell us about yourself with your own words?

I’m Ahmed Emad Eldin 19 years old Egyptian self-taught digital artist, I was born in Saudi Arabia and I started doing art at the age of 13 and I started using Photoshop in general at the age of 9.

Forgot by Ahmed Emad Eldin

Where do your ideas stems from?

I just think a lot and I have a lot of emotions behind that, also watching other artists work it always a good way for me to get inspired as well listening to good music that match my feelings to help improve what I can come up with!

Il Etait Une Fois by Ahmed Emad Eldin

Your “Perdida” artwork caught my attention. Can you share with us the creating process behind it?

Well “Perdida” is one of my personal favourite artworks and it’s really close to my heart it was my first try to create a full landscape artwork. I first draw up a sketch for what I have in mind then I prepared all the elements that I’ll use and retouched what it needs to and cutted out everything
then I combined them together and color corrected the piece and adjusted it after finishing the composition.

Perdida by Ahmed Emad Eldin

I must say that your artworks are full of details. How much time do you usually spend for every single piece of artwork?

It depends of course, but i usually finish up my artwork in average of 3 to 5 hours sometimes it could take a day or so!

Reflection by Ahmed Emad Eldin

Have you ever been influenced by other artists? If so, who are they?

Of course! I have been influenced by Salvador Dali artworks he is such a great artist, that’s why i go with my artworks to the surreal way somehow!

Syria 2016 by Ahmed Emad Eldin

Which of your artwork are you most fond of? why?

Pink Floyd “The Endless River” Album cover! And for my personal works I’ll go with Perdida.

The Endless River by Ahmed Emad Eldin

How did you get started in the field of digital art? Did someone inspire you to become a digital artist?

I was a web designer when I was 9, using Photoshop was such a joy for me when I looked up and saw what I can also do with this software I saw many artworks with many different styles so I tried it myself and started doing art.

Journey by Ahmed Emad Eldin

Beside digital art, what else do you love to do?

Art in general is what I love, listening to music, movies, some different sports and studying pharmacy as well.

the-gap-by-Ahmed Emad Eldin

Thank you for your time! Lastly, any advice for beginners starting in same field?

Just follow your passion and keep working hard don’t let anyone or anything stops you to reach your distance and again KEEP WORKING!

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