Batman Photoshop Tutorial

In this Photoshop tutorial, I’ll show you how to create a photo manipulation of Batman with Adobe Photoshop. We’ll first create the base using sky, moon, wall and city stock. Then we’ll add the model and we’ll blend the model using blending techniques. You’ll also learn how to create a dark atmosphere, enhance the light and contrast, make a depth of field and much more.

Tutorial Resources

Preparing Background

Step 1

Create a new 1098 x 900 px document in Photoshop with the following settings:


Step 2

Open the sky 1 image in Photoshop and then drag it into our main document using Move Tool (V). Activate the Transform Tool (CTRL + T) and then stretched it bit to get the brighter parts of sky 1. Also, keep the some space from the bottom of the document.


Step 3



Add the Sky 2

Step 4

Place the sky 2 to the main document and the aim is to fill the bottom parts of the document using sky 2. But as you can see the there are unwanted details on sky 2 but since we are using it to fill the bottom parts then we don’t need to care about it. Just enlarge it using Transform Tool (CTRL + T) and rotate it to fit the perspective of the document.




Step 5

Click the second icon at the bottom of layer panel and add a Layer Mask to sky 1. Use soft black brush to mask the parts of sky 1 and blend it properly with the sky 2. For better blending, lower the brush opacity and flow to 30%.


Results on layer mask:


Step 6

Make a Curves adjustment layer for sky2. Darken it using the RGB channel and also, use the Red channel to add cyan colors tones to sky2. To add an adjustment layer either go to Layer > New Adjustment Layer > Curves or click the third icon at the bottom of layer panel.




Step 7

Add a Curves adjustment layer on top of all layer and reduce the brightness using the following settings :




Add the Moon

Step 8

Place the moon to main document and place it as shown below.


Step 9

Convert the moon layer into Smart Object. Right click on moon layer and choose ‘Convert to Smart Object’. Go to Filter > Noise > Dust & Scratches and set the Radius value to 3px and Threshold level to 1. This will reduce the noise from the moon.


Results after reducing noise from moon:


Step 10

Add a Layer Mask to moon. Activate the Brush Tool (B) and using a soft basic black brush, mask the hard edges. Do rush it, just do it patiently and try to blend the moon with sky.



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