In this Photoshop tutorial I’ll show you how to create a dark photo manipulation of lost ship 2. You’ll learn how basic knowledge of Photoshop and photo manipulation can lead to an amazing result. This Photoshop tutorial is suitable for beginner and for an intermediate level of Photoshop user.

Tutorial Resources

Preparing Background

Step 1

Start by creating a new document in Photoshop by selecting File > New and use the following settings or feel free to use your own.


Adding Seascape

Step 2

Open the seascape image in Photoshop and then drag it into our main document using Move Tool (V) or you can place it by selecting File > Place Embedded. So place it as shown below.


Adding Sky

Step 3

To add the sky we need to hide the upper parts of existing landscape. To do this, add a Layer Mask to seascape layer (click the second button at bottom of layer panel or go to Layer > Layer Mask > Reveal All). Activate the Brush Tool (B). Set its opacity and flow about 30%. Now mask the upper parts of seascape using a soft round black brush.
Always remember use brush with lower opacity during masking process for better blending of multiple images. You can notice using lower opacity we got very soft edges for seascape and that will gonna help us to blend the sky.


Now place the sky image to the main document and drag it under the seascape layer.


Step 4

Now get back to seascape layer and add a Color Balance (click the third button at bottom of layer panel or go to Layer > New Adjustment Layer > Color Balance ) adjustment layer to match its colors with sky. Only change the value of Midtones. Don’t forget to set it as clipping mask (press the red icon to clip it to seascape layer).




Step 5

Add a Curves adjustment layer to above all layer so far. And reduce the brightness of whole scene.




Step 6

On the layer mask of Curves, mask the highlighted effect using a soft round black brush. The aim is to maintain some light on the middle of background and also, I am aiming to create a vignette effect.

You can also use Density of layer mask in order to mask the effect and I also explained it in Soft Vintage Photo Effects Tutorial.




Always remember that maintaining lights on scene depends on you as how much light want to.

Step 7

Add a Curves adjustment layer again and this time use it for adding Cyan color tones for entire scene.




Adding Rocks

Step 8

Place the landscape to main document and only extract the rocks parts from it using Selections Tool.


Results after extractions:




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