Glitch effect is a special effect that is popular not only in images but in videos as well. Anaglyph 3D effect is the base of Glitch effect and also you need to create linear distortions or some distortion to replicate this effect properly.

Although, you can achieve distortions in your images using selection tools or using Photoshop Distort filters but there is another way to create distortion is using brushes that I am going to give your for free.

I have 5 brushes that will help you achieve glitch distortion in no time and moreover you’ll have total control as you’ll apply brush strokes where you want.

5 brushes will give you a combination of shapes that you can add to your image when you create distortion. I already have a tutorial showing you how you can mimic glitch effect in Photoshop. I manually created glitch distortion in that tutorial so if you want to check that out then you can check it.

You can add some abstract shapes while cloning the parts of the image. You must use these brushes with clone stamp tool to quickly clone parts of images leading to a distorted effect.

Download Glitch Effect Brushes

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