Download my new pack of Free Landscape Lightroom presets contains 11 presets to enhance landscapes. These presets can help you enhance mood & colors in your landscapes. Create HDR effects in no time and even edit them according to your taste as these are fully editable in Lightroom.

You can tap into the beauty of landscape with these presets improve blue sky, add drama, create mood, & add earthy tones to the images. Whether it’s a mountain, lake or dense forest make them eye-catching by enhancing shadows, brightness and warm tones in just one click.

Take a look at them what you can do:

1. Golden Hour

2. Dark Mood

3. October

4. Earth Tones

5. Dark Punch

6. HDR

7. Blue Haze

8. Zenith

9. Vivid

10. Eton Blues

Download Presets


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