Interview with Concept Artist and Illustrator Grzegorz Rutkowski

Grzegorz Rutkowski is a Concept Artist and Illustrator based in Poland. His interested toward Digital Art began when he was 13 year old and since then he has specialized himself in Digital Art professionally. Learn more about this amazing artist in his interview!!

How do you go about creating a piece of artwork ? Can you share with us your creating process?

It’s very usual way of painting. I start with simple sketch, just to show the idea, then I add some color pallete to catch the proper mood for the illustration, then there’s defining stage and final polishing. You can check this video ( Here ) I made it to show my usual steps.


Your artworks are full of details. How much time do you usually spend for creating a piece of artwork ?

It’s hard to say exactly, every image is different and every day isn’t the same 😉 But it takes me 1 week (more or less) to finish whole illustration.


How did you get into illustration ? Did someone inspire you to become an illustrator?

I draw since I remember, at the beginning it was just for fun, but somewhere around my 13-14th birthday I was really inspired by the old masters and I was really interested in “art”. But I really started to draw when I was 20-21, I knew what I wanted to achieve, I knew I wanted to be better and better.


Where do you ideas stem from ? Are there any artists that you look up to ?

Ideas comes from movies/games/music. I’m always impressed by new artworks from other artists, I always spent few minutes at least looking at the picture analyzing it 😉


Which of your artwork are you most fond of ? Why ?

I don’t have one 🙂 I don’t really like my artworks. There are some moments when I think I like it but after month or two I’m seeing lots of things I could do better.


Your ‘Battlefield’ artwork is amazing. How did you come up with this piece ? Also, can you share with us the creating process behind it?

Thank You! I was listening Skyrim soundtrack and there was this song “Blood and Steel”, this piece really inspired me and I decided to draw something that fits this athmospere. Unfortunately I don’t have any process video or steps ;/


What is the best thing about illustration and concept art?

I guess art. I know it sounds pretty obvious, but it’s the key of everything You make. You can create some picture but without art it will be harsh and indifferent.


Thank you for this opportunity to interview you! Lastly, any advice would you love to give to the beginner starting in same field?

Thank You and You’re welcome 😉 Now when we have tons of tutorials/videos/streams on the internet, just keep drawing and watch the internet.


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