Interview with Digital Artist Jenny Le

Jenny Le is a self-taught photo manipulator and digital artist based in Hanoi, Vietnam. She has written Photoshop tutorials for several websites, she is still writing, and learned many thing in this way as well. Let us get to know more about her through this interview. Read on and enjoy!

Hi Jenny! Great to have you here!
Tell us something about yourself in your own words!

Hi, thanks for having me here. I’m a self-taught artist who lives and works in Hanoi, Vietnam. Nothing special about me, I’m just like everyone : simple+complex, sometimes a bit crazy lol.

Avatar by Jenny Le

When did you start having interest for digital art? Did someone inspire you to become a digital artist?

I discovered Photoshop since January 2010 when I started my personal blog. I started learning photo manipulation seriously since the middle of 2011. As you already know, I’ve written Photoshop tutorials for several websites and by this way I’ve learned and improved my skill. I was not influenced by any specific artists to stick with digital art but I’ve found a lots of wonderful people to admire and learn from them.

Connected by Jenny Le

Your artworks are full of details. How much time do you usually spend for creating a single piece of artwork?

It depends. It’s very hard to say exactly how much time you need for an artwork until you finish it. Some of my works just need a few hours, the others take several days or more and many take weeks or months.

Emerald by Jenny Le

Which of your artwork are you most fond of ? Why?

I like most of my pieces (of course) but “Road of Life” is the one I feel proud of. It took me a week to do and I learned a lot of new techniques. I was so happy that its message speaks exactly what I wanted and it was well received.

Road of Life by Jenny Le

How do you go about creating a piece ? Can you share with us your creating process ?

Usually when I have a new idea I start searching stock images for it. But many times I end up with other ideas and the result is completely different. Many of my works were created like that lol. As other artists, I have “art block” too and in this case, I leave the work alone, create others and come back when I feel more inspired. I feel the hardest job is finding suitable stocks.

Secret Garden by Jenny Le

What is the stem of your inspiration ? Do you have any favorite artist in particular ?

Everything beautiful, creative and unusual. I don’t have any particular favorite artists but I admire the ones who have diversity in their work.

Fish Eats Moon by Jenny Le

Beside digital art, what else do you love to do?

I love cooking, swimming, running and gym. I think they’re are very important to improve and keep your mind and body healthy.

Lake by Jenny Le

Thank you for your time! Lastly, any advice would you love to give to the beginners starting in photo manipulation?

Do practice as much as you can and don’t be afraid to try something new. Learning about lighting, shadow, perspective from realistic photos or looking around your real life. Take care of minor details because they can do a big difference for your work. Find inspirations from other artists by learning the way they use colors, make lighting, add shadow, combine elements…Learn but not copy, practice and go your own way!

Letter by Jenny Le

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