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Interview with an amazing and awe inspiring digital artist Mihaela Voicu. Today, I bring you the interview of Mihaela Voicu, an artist based in Romania. Through this interview we’ll get to know more about her, her creating process, the stem of her inspiration and much more. Read the interview and get the dose of inspiration.

Hi Mihaela! Welcome to PSD Stack
Tell us something about yourself!

Apocalypse Wars 2

Thank you very much for having me here! I`m a digital artist living in a beautiful town close to the mountains in Romania, Europe. I love nature and fantasy and feel inspired by the beauty of everything around me.

Your artworks are superb. How long does it actually takes you to complete a piece of artwork?

Beautiful Disaster

Thank you! To be honest I`m not very focused on time when working and I don`t usually like to finish an artwork in a day because I always see better with clear eyes the next morning. In the first day I gather the stock images needed to get started and begin merging them together laying out the basic composition and light and continue working the next couple of days.

I always try to maintain a degree of realism in my images, so it`s very important that I take a break from the image because the eyes get used to what I`m seeing and if I look at it too long I think it looks great. But sometimes when I look at it the next day I might find that I went too far with certain aspects or not far enough.

Your ‘The Elder Tales’ artwork caught my attention. Can you tell us the philosophy behind it?

The Elder Tales

I love reading and getting lost in the magical world of books where everything is possible. “The Elder Tales” is a tribute to that world and the main book has a quote from one of my favourite authors J. R. R. Tolkien

What is the stem of your inspiration? Do you have any favorite artist in particular?

Creation of the Keeper

I take inspiration from everything around me, nature, books, movies, music and other visual art. But when doing personal work the theme and general feeling of the piece depend on my mood.
There are a lot of artists I admire, so many talented people! I love visual arts in general and I try to look at A LOT of art every day. This is how I train my eye and I think it`s an important part of my creative process. Don`t get me wrong, I don`t look at an image and try to reproduce it, but I think my subconscious mind is constantly inspired by the things I`m seeing.

How do you go about creating a piece? Can you share with us your creating process?

The Dragon's Call

The first thing I do is choosing a theme and a character. Because I like to think of the people in my images like characters with their own story to tell and I`m the one that gets to tell it for them. Then I move on to the technical aspects of the work, general composition, color scheme and light. I love working with beautiful light. After that I work on the details and add the finishing touches.

Which is your most favourite artwork that you’ve made and why?

Black Birds

This is a difficult one, it`s like making me choose between one of my babies. I put a lot of thought and a little piece of me into each of my works so I can`t really make a choice.
But I also like “The Elder Tales”, it`s very dear to me because I`ve used a photograph I took of my best friend from childhood as the main character and surrounded her by the magical world of books that I love so much.

Lastly, any advice would you love to give to the beginner starting in photo manipulation?

Protect Her

Work on the themes and concepts that you love, keep practicing and try to learn about composition, color and light. These are just as important as the technical aspects. And have fun! Don`t get mad when something isn`t working, just put it aside and work on it another day.

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I hope you’ve taken lot of inspirations from our first featured artist of the month. Don’t forget to check her social media portfolios.

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