I had a Weird Dream by Renu Sharma

Renu Sharma is a digital artist from New Delhi, India. Renu has explored diverse aspects of the artistic spectrum. Her interest in drawing and painting developed in early childhood and with her parents’ guidance, she went on to educate herself in the nuances of her chosen mediums. Find out more about this amazing artist by right diving in the interview!

Hi Renu! Great to have you here!

Tell us something about yourself in your own words!

I am an artist from India. I have been into art ever since I knew how to hold a pencil. It has saved me and helped me evolve more times than I can count. I love to watch movies, series, listen to music when I am not creating.

Broken Pieces by Renu Sharma

Can you tell us how you got started in digital art?

It came to me as a way of exploration. I got Photoshop and started playing around. Thanks to all the wonderful tutorials online, once I started getting a hang of it, it started becoming a lot of fun. I kept creating and practicing to where I am today.

Dream of Harmony by Renu Sharma

I noticed that most of your artworks depicts dark atmosphere. Can you tell us, why is it so?

The kind of music, movies and other art forms I have usually been drawn to has been dark. However, as I grow and evolve as a person, I see that changing in the near future. If not to a great degree then at least to some extent.

Depths by Renu Sharma

What is the stem of your inspiration? Do you have any favorite artist in particular?

I try to draw inspiration from just about anything; a phrase someone randomly said to me, lyrics, music, a scene in a movie, a particular event in my life, a person. It can really come from anywhere. There are many artists I admire from the good old Leonardo Da Vinci and Vincent Van Gogh to the more modern ones like Silvia Pelissero and Guy Denning to name a few.

Weight of the Wait by Renu Sharma

What makes your artworks different from other digital artists?

I believe that we are all tiny cells of this giant entity called the universe. So to think that my art is different from anybody else’s wouldn’t be true. Everything has already been created and will keep repeating itself like a pattern. The only thing that is different is the medium, the artist, that is me in this case.

Galaxy2 by Renu Sharma

Beside digital art, what else do you love to do?

Lately, the only digital art I have created is for book covers. My focus has been more on painting than anything else. Loving the process of learning and evolving as an artist and as a person.

Soar by Renu Sharma

Waiting in the Rain by Renu Sharma

Thank you for your time! Lastly, any advice you would like to give to the beginners starting in digital art?

A lot of people want to be really good, really successful, really fast. The trick is, the lesser you stress about getting good, the more you enjoy the process, the better you will be at it. Stop comparing your work to other people’s. Just have fun creating.

Devour to Survive by Renu Sharma

Sky Full of Stars by Renu Sharma

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